BVW Wood Composite is a technology which eliminates basic limitations of a wooden product. BVW Products are 100% water proof, termite proof and have longer lifespan. It offers first and high quality products in BVW Wood Composite industry with numerous advantages.

wpc characteristics comparison with wood

Dimension Stability Length and Width

  • WPC has been tested under extensive pressure and temperature.
  • No cracks and bends observed under temperature ranging bitween -20°c to 70°c.
  • 100% Water resistant because of negligible absorption rate.

Material Safety

  • Low flame spread
  • High slip resistance
  • Excellent thermal properties
  • Environmental friendly
  • Can be recycled

Install & Maintain Easily

  • Easy to produce and fabricate
  • Easy to cut, fix and glue
  • Easy to plane
  • Easy to tenon, drill and nail
  • Require less routine maintenance

High Strength

  • Outstanding screw and nail retention
  • High impact resistance
  • Modulus of elasticity; 20% greater than PVC, does not require reinforcement(in most applications)

Good Appearance & Nice Touch

  • Natural feel & wood touch
  • Broad range of finishes and appearance
  • Available in Multicolor and need not to Paint


  • Around 12 - 15 years of Lifespan under Outdoor Conditions.
  • High Durability
  • Greater Lifespan

"BVW Decking are not only Excellent Replacement of my Earlier Decking but also Relieved me from guilt of cutting trees. Thank You BVW" - Pyramid Property     |     "We Have Received Fully Customized BVW doors as Per Our Color Requirements. Final Finish Has Came up Really Well" - Sai Samarth Property     |     "BVW Planters have added Serenity and freshness to my garden" - Sarita Vaghle     |     "BVW interior Claddings have given rich look to my office space. Thanks BVW for rich ambience which your product has created" - Aggarval Estates     |     "The best, money could buy as a wood substitute and also friendly to pocket as total value for money." - Rajiv Khanna     |     "Using BVW products not only costed us less but it was better looking than the wood and being Eco-friendly, best was ourselves feeling, very near to the nature." - Rashmi Talwar