BVW Wood Composite is a technology which eliminates basic limitations of a wooden product. BVW Products are 100% water proof, termite proof and have longer lifespan. It offers first and high quality products in BVW Wood Composite industry with numerous advantages.

About Wood Composite

Wood Composite (commonly abbreviated as WPC) is a composite material made of Recycled Plastic and Wood Wastes. Wood Composite Material is a result of a modern and eco-friendly technology, widely used in deck floors, railings, fences, claddings, windows, doors and different indoor furniture.

Wood Composite Material are gaining market share because of its Advantages over Wood in terms of Longevity, Appearance, Lifecycle Cost and Value.

Products made up of Wood Composite are Attractive, Insect and Rot Resistant and Paintable. They are made to look exactly similar like a wood. They can be worked on, Cut, Glued and Fastened with same Screws, Nails, Staple as wood.

Unique Advantage

  • One of the most Remarkable Feature of Wood Composite Materials is a Relatively Low Water Absorption compared to that of Wood. When a piece of wood is immersed in water for 24 hours its weight increases by 25%, which means that Wood Absorbs 25% of Water by Weight for said time period. If exposure towards water continues for long wood can double its weight i.e. 100% water absorption. For Wood Composite Material Absorption Rate is less than .2% after 24 hrs. , 1 % after a week and up to 10% after several months.

    This simply means that Wood Composite is 125 times more Resistant to Water when compared with Wood.

  • Another inherent feature of Wood Composite Products is its ability to Completely Prevent Termite Infestation. Termite's effects are damaging, costing the economy approximately $20 billion each year in wood structure damage. As the demand for the wood due to this damage increases multi-fold, a spiralling increase in deforestation activities has been witnessed. Wood Composite Products are the technology of future and have been designed to contain this damage. Wood Composite Products have been extensively tested in termite-prone conditions and and have been found 100% Termite Proof.

  • Made up of fibrous material, Wood Composite Products are 100% Recyclable and Eco-friendly in nature. They have been produced industrially since 1980 and its demand has been consistently increasing. In America 10,00,000 metric tons wood composite products have been produced annually. The demand for this products is consistently growing at 11% per annum. It is now estimated that 50% of Wood Composite Products is used for Parquets and Decking.


"BVW Decking are not only Excellent Replacement of my Earlier Decking but also Relieved me from guilt of cutting trees. Thank You BVW" - Pyramid Property     |     "We Have Received Fully Customized BVW doors as Per Our Color Requirements. Final Finish Has Came up Really Well" - Sai Samarth Property     |     "BVW Planters have added Serenity and freshness to my garden" - Sarita Vaghle     |     "BVW interior Claddings have given rich look to my office space. Thanks BVW for rich ambience which your product has created" - Aggarval Estates     |     "The best, money could buy as a wood substitute and also friendly to pocket as total value for money." - Rajiv Khanna     |     "Using BVW products not only costed us less but it was better looking than the wood and being Eco-friendly, best was ourselves feeling, very near to the nature." - Rashmi Talwar