Installation of WPC Decking
  • Cutting and Drilling
    • Suggest to use alloy, saw blade and drill bit.
    • WPC profile is easy to use, no need to select grainy direction and structure point like wood when cutting.
    • When you drill a big or deep hole, it is better to draw out the drill timely to bring out the scraps.
  • Storing and Handling
    • WPC profile has a bigger specific gravity compared with wood, it has to pay more attention when handling.
    • Considering its plastic property of WPC, it has to lay flat on the work place when storing.
    • When stack WPC profiles, the distance of two nearby beams should be with 60cm, and keep profiles and beams are vertical together.
  • Installation
    Normally, WPC profiles require max 60cm width of span between two nearby beams, and at least 3 beams per panel.
    • Self-thread nail is preferred to install WPC profiles, minimum diameter is 5 mm and length is changed according to the thickness of WPC profiles, normally between 50-60mm. To avoid nails be rust, it's better to use stainless steel nail or nickel plated. Please do not use zincification plated nails.
    • It's more laborious to nail on WPC profiles than wood. It's better to nail into 1.5-2cm first and then use full force to fix the whole nail.
    • When cold weather or use bolt. it has to drill a hole first, diameter should be smaller than 314 diameter of bolt. 3-4 need normally 2 nails to fix on the width direction of WPC profiles, especially the two end of the panel.
  • Gaps Calculation
    • Side to Side : Minimum 6mm gaps, and at least l0 mm when install in cold weather.
    • End to End: This Gap depends on length of profiles, install temperature, thermal expansion, and the possible highest local temperature. The calculation of gaps between end to end is as follows : Furs L long WPC profile, highest local temperature is T-max, install temperature is T. then the gap between end to end should be delta.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance
    Considering of drain, clean, small heat expand and cold contract, it has to leave suitable gaps between and side to side up to the end.
    • Pollution caused by berry and leaf mold, use abluent contains sodium hypochlonte or detergent.
    • Iron rust and dusty, use abluent contains phosphoric acid.
    • Oil pollution, use degrease abluent.
    • Timely clear the litters in the gaps, to keep the drain system works smoothly.

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