BVW Wood Composite Doors

BVW Doors are synonymous to qualities like stability and longevity. Our Doors are an excellent amalgamation of technology and design. BVW Doors are built around a hardwood frame with a special technology, secret to its fantastic performance.

BVW Wood Composite DOORS  • 100% Water Proof    • 100% Termite Proof    • 100% Eco Friendly    

About BVW Wood Composite Doors

  • BVW Doors are synonymous to qualities like stability, safety and longevity.
  • BVW Doors are available as both Hollow and Solid Foamed Doors.
  • BVW Doors are available with textured wood finish in various colors.
  • BVW Doors can be cut sawed, nailed or painted like normal doors.
  • For the first time in India, BVW Wood Composite Doors come with a Special & Elegant Wood Composite Door Frames which are available in matching colors.
  • Total cost of BVW Wood Composite Door & Door Frames comes out to be Cheaper than total cost of Wooden Door & Door Frames.
  • Both BVW Wood Composite Door & Door Frames are available in Customized Sizes & Colours.

"BVW Decking are not only Excellent Replacement of my Earlier Decking but also Relieved me from guilt of cutting trees. Thank You BVW" - Pyramid Property     |     "We Have Received Fully Customized BVW doors as Per Our Color Requirements. Final Finish Has Came up Really Well" - Sai Samarth Property     |     "BVW Planters have added Serenity and freshness to my garden" - Sarita Vaghle     |     "BVW interior Claddings have given rich look to my office space. Thanks BVW for rich ambience which your product has created" - Aggarval Estates     |     "The best, money could buy as a wood substitute and also friendly to pocket as total value for money." - Rajiv Khanna     |     "Using BVW products not only costed us less but it was better looking than the wood and being Eco-friendly, best was ourselves feeling, very near to the nature." - Rashmi Talwar